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Why *there is no try, do* is not true

When I started teaching Graphic Design in the late nineties, many of my students wouldn't try. I would say, *give it a try* - and they would quote Yoda from the Star Wars movies - *There is no try, do*. And since they didn't know how to do it yet, they were students after all, they just sat there. Sigh.

Even the motivational speakers at the time were using this quote. They would tell their audience *try to touch your nose*, and when the audience did this, the speaker would say, *no, don't do it, just try*, and that would prove that there is no try, just do. Another sigh.

Trying is about making an attempt at something that is difficult for you, or new. You can tell that you are trying, because you are making an attempt, and probably failing. Keep trying! I always considered myself more of an software coach than a teacher. If I could get you to try, and keep trying, you would succeed. At the bottom of every syllabus that I handed out were the words: You can do this! Yes, there is a lot of trying. And if someone tells you otherwise, and it keeps you from succeeding, tell them to shut up.

Take that, Yoda!