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Appreciating abstract art

I have often heard people tell me that they don't like abstract art. I really don't want to start an argument, but if you've ever said that, you're wrong, and I can prove it.

First of all, we need to agree on the difference between realistic art and abstract art. Realistic art is, for example, a drawing of a dog that looks like a dog. Abstract art is the use of shapes, color, and proportion without a realistic representation. I hope that we agree on that. And although, I've done some drawing and illustration in my career, I am mostly a Graphic Designer, and I deal in abstractions. Please stay with me on this.

If you have ever admired the design of a car, or of a building, or even a beautiful dress, you have admired abstract art. The designers who create this aren't doing a realistic drawing, they are combining shape, proportion, and color in an artistic way. If you have ever walked into a beautiful garden and seen the masses of shape and color, you have appreciated abstract art. If you have ever said that you like the design of one of my web pages (and I thank you for that!), you have appreciated abstract art.

There are some fundamentals of design that underly all art that relies on abstraction. The most important is composition. You are surrounded by excellent composition all the of time, and like all abstract art, it is meant to give you a feeling. And that feeling is that it *just right*.

Now go back to admiring abstract art! Thank you.