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Finding out what people can see on your Google+ profile

One of the really cool things about Google+ is that you can limit what people can see. As a public person, who wants people to see my stuff, this really doesn't apply to me, but as a trainer I've figured it out, and I thought that it would be good to share it with you. Here it is -

The first thing that you have to know about posting on Google+ is the category. Most of what I post is public, and anybody who wants to follow me will see everything marked *public* that I post. If you want to limit someone to, for example, family, you put them in your family circle. Creating circles and putting people into it is pretty straight-forward, but the question then remains - what can this person see?

There is a way to view your page as seen by anyone in your circles. It's called View profile as... Here is how you do it.

Go to your main page. If you're usually on your stream page, just click on your face. Once you are there on your main page, where your face will be much bigger, look for View profile as... it's over to the right - see pic below

So, if I want to see how my brother Roger Hall sees my page, I type in his name, and as he is the only one I have in a family circle. I see my page as he sees it. Much more convenient than traveling to California and looking over his shoulder!

And you can also see how the general public sees your page, by selecting public. If there's nothing there, then no one outside of your circles can see anything. Pretty cool, isn't it?