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Following up on an email

Using email is a wonderful way to conduct business. I've been using email since its invention in the 90s, and I live on it. There are many advantages - you can correspond with someone without any fear of interrupting them while they're eating, the information is precise when it comes to addresses, appointment dates and times. I could go on and on. If you are a user of email, you know what I mean.

But, unfortunately, there is a feeling when using email that you are putting a message in a bottle and dropping it into the ocean. And emails do get lost. It's just technology, it's not magic. It may end up in someone's junk folder. Or the receiver may have several email address accounts, and not check the account the that you used. Or they may get so many emails that they just don't see it. What to do?

One of my very successful clients, who is so busy that he barely has time to catch his breath during the day, gave me some good advice. Don't send another email asking if they got your last email! Just go back to the message you sent, and click *send again*.

Chances are very good that the second, or the third time, that you send the message will be the first time that person sees it. And, no, don't add anything else to the message - such as *I'm sending this message for the third time, you idiot!* because, well, that's the way it will sound. And don't resend it more than once a day.

If after resending the message several times, you should get some response. Usually I find that it's *sorry, I've been busy, but in response to your question...* or similar. If, of course, you never get a response, and you need to communicate to this person, by all means pick up the phone. But this is no time for *did you get my email?* incriminations. If you're upset, angry, or hurt, then wait until your voice doesn't communicate this before you pick up the phone. When you are talking on the phone, you get something that you don't get on an email - immediate confirmation that they person listening has heard you.

Remember that everyone adapts to a new technology when they are ready, and when they see value in it. Over the years I've seen my clients discover how cool email is, and become regular users. In fact, I can remember being happy when people learned to leave a message on my answering machine! I suppose if I lived 100 years ago, I would have been happy if they didn't ride their horse over here!