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How to make a hyperlink in a PDF document

You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro for this. Just to clarify, a pdf document is sometimes referred to as an Acrobat document, or sometimes a Reader document. I know that this is confusing, but please don't blame Adobe. They wanted to call it Acrobat, or Reader, but most people call it a pdf.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is part of the CS5 Design Suite, so you probably have it, even if you've never used it. Give it a try. Open the page (created in Photoshop or whatever) in Adobe Acrobat Pro. From the Menu bar, select Tools - Advanced Editing - Link Tool. Do a click and drag around wherever you would like a link. In this case, I wanted to link to my client's Twitter page. From there, it's pretty much a straight-forward process of filling in the blanks, selecting options, that sort of thing. It can get kind of tricky if you're not familiar with the idea of actions, but click on it, and it will guide you through it. Be sure to add the action - and then you just fill it in with the URL and you have a hyperlink. 

Save your document and test it. When you click it, it will give you a message about being sure that you want to go to the web page, and if you are, you will go there!