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Should you get a Macintosh computer?

Sometimes people ask me if they should get a Macintosh computer. At the risk of offending the nice people at Apple, and their stockholders, mostly I would say no. And ultimately, it's for the same reason that you don't need a Ferrari to go to your local corner store.

Comparing a Macintosh computer to a Ferrari isn't really a fair comparison, as Macs are very reliable, and Ferraris, of course, aren't. But these machines are both wildly powerful, expensive, and they are flashy.

As a Graphic Designer and an Adobe Trainer, I need a state-of-the-art computer, which describes my iMac perfectly. If I were a race car driver, I would need a Ferrari, or something similar. For me, this is part of the cost of doing business. I've made my living on Macintosh computers since 1990, and believe me, it has cost the companies that I have worked for, and me, a lot of money.

You can get a very, very, powerful PC, the same way that you can get a very, very, powerful Camaro. And if you don't need the Mac, or the Ferrari, you would be foolish to pay for it.

Of course, I see a lot of Ferraris, and Macs, when I visit California. And this is the second piece of the puzzle, image. The Dean of The Art Institute here in Phoenix where I taught always used a Macintosh laptop, and was seen going in and out of the school with it, for image. He only did email and word processing on it, but it was vitally important to his image, and the image of the school, that he be seen using the type of computer that we taught our students to use. And if image is important to you, by all means, go get a Mac. You wouldn't be the first! And they are way cool.