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Why The King of England doesn't have a cell phone

I've watched people learn to adapt to new technology for a long time now. And adapting to new technology can be a joy, or it can be a humiliation, for some people. People who are humiliated by new technology, I call *The King of England Syndrome*. Speaking for myself, I have always embraced new technologies, but I have never been the King of England. Please let me explain.

When I refer to the *King of England*, I am talking about someone who is too important to concern himself (or herself) with petty details. This is someone who has always had people around to do stuff.  The King of England never needed to learn how to drive, he has a chauffeur. The King of England doesn't answer the telephone, he has a secretary. This doesn't make The King of England stupid, or incompetent, with these technologies, it just means that he is, ultimately, disinterested.

But when the The King of England needs to get a cell phone or needs to learn Photoshop for work, this really isn't The King of England. The King of England isn't ranting about how difficult using email is, because The King of England doesn't use email, his secretary does. So, by definition, if you are trying to learn these new technologies, you really aren't The King of England.

If you are insisting that you are The King of England, I will back away slowly, with a sad smile. Because, well, there really isn't any King of England anymore!