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Why we put up with advertising

If you're like most people, you wouldn't pay fifty dollars for a daily newspaper. In fact, the idea is so preposterous that it would be hard to imagine a newspaper supporting its payroll of writers, editors, distribution, etc. without selling advertising space. And so that's the deal that we as consumers have struck in order to get inexpensive newspapers, magazines, and television. Sure, we still pay money for subscriptions or cable, but it's really nothing compared to what it actually costs.

But a newspaper can't sell advertising space until they can prove that they have readers. So there is a lot of up-front work that has to be done when creating a vehicle for advertising. On the internet, when something attracts a crowd, it attracts advertising. For the past decade, there have been many attempts to create this type of vehicle, the most successful being Facebook. Facebook is free for the same reason that anything like that is given out free - because it's supported by advertising. If there were no advertising to support it, would you pay a subscription fee? I have no idea what it costs to keep a site like Facebook up and running, but the overhead is probably pretty high.

If you're new to Google+, you might be pleased to see that you are getting this free service with no advertising. But for it to continue to be free to you, someone must pay for it. And it will be paid for by the same people who pay for your newspaper - advertisers.