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Bringing an old website into Dreamweaver

If you have a really, really, old website, possibly created with Netscape Composer, or even hand-written in code, you can, and should, bring it into Dreamweaver. Speaking for myself, I created web pages, and taught HTML before the days of Dreamweaver, and believe me, when I first saw it, and used it, I was thrilled. I'm really not teaching Dreamweaver anymore these days, but I can't stop recommending it.

This is how you do it:

Open Dreamweaver and then open your existing html pages. Dreamweaver will instantly recognize it and allow you to update the pages either in Design View (which you will come to love), or if you're not ready for that, in Code (but you gotta stop that or there is no point to the trouble and expense of Dreamweaver). As you go along, you will see other things that you will want to do, but that's about it to start. Yeah, it's that easy.

If you are concerned that your old site is based on tables, don't worry. Table structure may not be the latest thing, but it still works. HTML has always, and will always, support tables. If CSS and Div Tags make you nervous, feel free to ignore them at this time.

If you are worried about deprecated tags, also put aside your fears. Yes, those tags will go away eventually, but not any time soon. And Dreamweaver will gently suggest as you go along which tags will need to be replaced.

It's really none of my business, but when I see someone trying to update a website without Dreamweaver, it looks to me like someone mowing the lawn with scissors. You gotta be kidding me! Get a power tool! Yes, you will have to go through a learning curve. But when you've the got the power, updating pages on your website will go fast and easy.

Now go update that website!