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How to clean up scratches in Photoshop Elements 10

Old photos that you scan in often have tiny imperfections that you will want to fix in Photoshop. All of this stuff has been in Photoshop for years and years, but Photoshop Elements has a cool and easier way to do it. It's under the *Guided* palette. And if you haven't tried the *Guided* stuff, you are missing out on one of the best features of Photoshop Elements.
With your scratched and dusty image open, click on *Guided* over to the right of your screen and select *Touch Up Scratches and Blemishes*. Yes, it's that easy. That's the whole point of using Elements. From there it will guide you along, as promised, even hand you the correct tools to use for that particular function.
As you can see of this photo of me, it was pretty messy. On the left side, I have left it as it was. On the right it's repaired. Not only were the large areas repaired, but even the tiny little detailed areas like my hair - just follow along and Photoshop Elements will guide you. Cool.