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How to get people to look at your posts

Blah, blah, blah, blah is what most people see when they look at your carefully-written post, if they notice it at all. While you have spent hours carefully selecting just the right words, people will scan your post quickly and move on. If you want them to look at it, there are some tricks that have been around since the invention of Graphic Design -

• Have a picture. Pictures grab attention. Text doesn't. Pick up a newspaper from 100 years ago and you will see that this hasn't changed.

• Have a short, attention-grabbing headline. No, don't write *SEX - Now that I have your attention...* we all went to high school and know that trick. Grab attention by mentioning the person that you want to attract - such as *Advice to Mothers*. Or mention the subject in an interesting way like *iPad 3 Problems*.

• Don't ramble. Long, boring stuff gets skipped over. The moment I saw how long-winded your post was, I thought *TLDR* - Too Long, Didn't Read.

People look at postings the same way that they have always looked at newspapers and magazines - glancing for what gets their attention. This is why copywriters and Graphic Designers are so valuable. They know how to do it.