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Modern book burning

This is addressed to the older generation.

If you have confused pieces of wood pulp with the ideas that they contain, that is, books, you are now becoming a modern book-burner. It's damage caused by innocence and ignorance, but it's damage all the same. And if you love books, like you say you do, you need to stop getting in the way, at the very least. And it would be nice if you would help!

I am sorry that the technology is changing. I'm sure there was a time when the only thing that was considered a *book* was one carved in stone. Moving these ideas to another medium is only that. The ideas survived. And moving all of these precious ideas nowadays into digital format is only the next logical step. If you are working in a library right now, and you are not helping to rescue these precious books by moving them over to a digital format, you are burning them. Yes, the old paper books will remain, but you will be taking them away from future generations. Ideas are meant to be shared, not burned.

I'm not asking you to tape your glasses in the middle, wear pocket protectors, and subscribe to *PC Weekly*. I am just asking you to rethink your actions. And stop the book burning.