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What to write on your Google profile

A Google Profile is a great way to present yourself to the world. If you've been on Blogger for a while, you know all about this, but if you have just recently joined Google+, it may seem a bit puzzling as what to write. Here are some suggestions for your *about* section

Write a paragraph or two about yourself. No, not your life story, this is no place for a rant. If you're uncomfortable writing about yourself, then write in the 3rd person. For example, *John Smith was the King of England...* Assuming, of course, that you are John Smith.

Do not be too clever or self-effacing. This is no place to be cute, or overly humble. If you write *Total slacker who wastes a lot of time*, that is how you will appear in Google searches. Yikes! Save the humor and the humility for real life.

Google, by its nature, is about exposure on the web. If you're not comfortable with this, then don't do it. No matter how careful you think you are about privacy, if you choose to participate in anything from Facebook to Google+, even sending emails, you risk losing some of your privacy. I am not saying that these places will necessarily expose you to risk and ridicule, but the best way to stay completely hidden is to stay away from the internet. If you're like me, you are willing to risk a little exposure, and a Google Profile is the best way to gain as much control as you can.