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Why you shouldn't order from Amazon

Amazon is wonderfully convenient. You can now buy just about anything there, including groceries. And I have been experimenting with Amazon for a couple of years now, including being an Amazon seller. And the best advice that I can give you is to not buy from them.

I present *exhibit A* in the image shown, which is a two-pack of Minute Rice cups, which sells for $1.87 at my local grocery store, and is listed here for $9.99. The reason for this is that the price of everything on Amazon is set by the seller, and believe me, they can ask absolutely anything. This example is pretty bad, but at the very least, there is a fair amount of mild *rip-offs* going on at Amazon all of the time.

Another trick that is used is to sell miniature versions of things. You see something that you normally buy at Home Depot, order it on Amazon, and when it arrives, it is ridiculously small. Yes, the weight was in the fine print, but they are counting on you not seeing that. And sometimes it's not in the fine print at all. I've taken things like getting fifteen (15) seeds in a package of flower seeds in my stride, as funny, but my experiment is ending.

The solution is simple. Buy locally. Not only will you avoid this type of rip-off, you will be supporting your local economy, and your money will stay with your neighbors, and with their jobs. And the sales tax that you spend locally will help your community. Not to mention not having fleets of UPS trucks driving through your neighborhood to deliver that $9.99 package of $1.87 worth of rice!