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Success at virtual learning

If you could imagine a futuristic world where information can be transmitted to students without the need for older and wiser generations to sit down, explain, and share their knowledge, you will have invented writing.

The written word is virtual learning. Here I am, quite possibly older and hopefully wiser than you are (at least in my field of expertise!) and you and I do not ever have to meet. I'm writing this early on a Sunday morning and you may not even be awake yet. Or you may be out playing tennis! But that's the beauty of virtual learning. Our schedules don't have to match. That's what *virtual* means, versus *actual*. If we had to do this in actual time, or real time, we would have to gather 'round the fire, like our prehistoric ancestors did, all at the same time.

With the invention of virtual learning, that is, writing, the power of the elders was greatly diminished. And even though the ancient model of gathering students into a group to listen to an elder speak has persisted for thousands of years, it's really not the best thing. The elders may say that it is, but that's only because they want to retain their positions of power and authority.

If you are reading this, you can access to a computer, and you can read. That means that you don't have to sit around the fire, or attend a classroom to learn. If you are nervous about virtual learning, pick up a book. That's the place to start. And people have been doing it for thousands of years.

Special thank you to my favorite teacher, Isaac Asimov, who taught me so much over the years - and with infinite patience!