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Why you shouldn't rely on Facebook for your business

It's tempting to use Facebook, or YouTube, or Google+ for your business. But if you rely on these free services, you are making a mistake. The reason for this is simple - you aren't paying anything, and if something goes wrong, you are stuck.

I spoke with a client yesterday who said that his company has been unable to log into its YouTube account for some time now. And that's where they have all their videos, which they rely on to show their clients. And if you use Facebook, or Picassa albums, or Flickr, or Google+, you are making the same mistake. If, or rather, when something goes wrong, you are powerless. Can't edit your posts? Can't log into your account? There is no customer service for free services, because they're, well, free.

So this is what you do - use Facebook, Google+, YouTube, whatever, only in a supporting role, but for nothing critical. If you need to post videos, host them yourself. If you need to show images, same thing. Pay a hosting service. If something goes wrong, there is customer service. If nothing has gone wrong yet, go ahead and get started on transferring everything over.

If it's too late for you, that is, if you have relied on a free service to host critical information, I can only imagine how horrible it must be. But ranting at these free services won't help you. Take ownership of those things that are critical to your company, and host them with a paid host. If anyone wonders why you are *wasting your money*, just give them a smile.