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Managing a business page in Google+

Once you've created your business page in Google+, it's important to manage it. The good news is that you don't have to worry at all about circles, or friends, or anything like that. You don't need to add them, or send them a message, or anything. When someone adds your page to their circles, they will see your posts in their stream. They don't need to, and probably won't ever, visit your page directly. So what they mostly see is the current posts. And that's what you need to focus on.

So, if you created your Google+ business page months ago, and have never added any new posts to it, it's pretty much useless to people who have it in their circles. And while no one can post things on your page other than you, the administrator, remember that anyone can write a comment. And people may be having some type of argument in the comments of your old posts. Or they may be spamming, or saying something obscene. And if you haven't visited your page to manage that, well, it makes your company look bad. It's the cyberspace equivalent of having graffiti all over the walls of you business. Go take a look, clean up if necessary.

Also, remember that Google+ isn't only about real-time posts. The post that you wrote months ago can still be searched. And when someone finds it, and sees that you have have misspellings, or that there is a *flame war* going on in the comments, well, it isn't a very good image for your company. Go back and check those posts the same way that you go back and look at your website, or your blog posts, on a regular basis.

And avoid the temptation of just posting a link for a post. If you want to post a link, write something in the caption in the Google+ post, such as *here is an interesting article about our widgets* or similar. Don't expect people to click on links. If you're too lazy to post the new photo of your location that just opened directly on the Google+ page, don't expect people to be do your work for you by clicking on a link. The Google+ stream works best as a visual skim, so just say something short, show a picture, and boom, you're done.

And be very careful about what you post. Your image is only as good as the last post, so it if it's annoying, people will drop your business page from their circles. If you're tempted to use your business page as a rant, don't. You wouldn't stand in front of your business ranting about the government, would you? So don't do it on Google+.

A business page on Google+ falls into the category of image advertising, which has always interested me, and is my specialty as a Graphic Designer. I want you to look good! And you do!