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Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent

The most important thing to do after a software training session is to practice. Taking a training session and then wandering off on vacation for a couple weeks is a recipe for disaster. Don't do that. Instead, be realistic - look at your schedule. Will you have time to practice after that training session? No, don't expect practice to make you perfect, it doesn't. But practice will make what you learn permanent.

The classes that I taught at The Art Institute and at GCC always included a lot of hands-on time after the lecture. When I do a corporate or a personal training session I always say, *let's do that again, shall we?* And yes, I get some dirty looks - but it works! Having an instructor show you something and going through the motions with them is not learning. Doing it yourself is learning. If you've ever heard someone complain, *I learned it all myself once the class was over*, that's the absolutely magical effect of practice.

Here's what you should do - create a project, whether real or imaginary. Go look at the notes that you took. Go find the handouts that your instructor gave you. Go find the book that you paid for. And practice!

Don't worry about being perfect, no one is asking for that. But be permanent. You can do that.