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How to separate the audio from the video in Premiere Elements

If you have an existing video and would like to separate out the audio (the sound) from the video (the pictures), it's done through a process of exporting.

Unfortunately, Premiere Elements doesn't have a *file - export* button. It would be nice if it did, but for some strange reason, they have hidden this function under a tab called *Share*. But it still works!

To do this, go to the *Share* tab and select *Computer - Export files for viewing on computers*

From there, click Advanced and de-select Export Video. That is, click the checkbox so that only *Export Audio* is selected.

Click OK, it will ask you if you want to save it, which you do, and then save it and it will begin rendering.

Keep in mind that this is an Adobe product, and it will export only to Adobe FLV. So if you want a different format, open the exported file up in Quicktime and save it there. I suggest an MP3. Or whatever you like.