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Most common mistakes elderly people make using a cell phone

If you're an elderly person, that is, over 30, you may be surprised that young people have a very strict etiquette in many things. Like all etiquettes, it's about showing respect, proper manners, etc. In the world of cell phones, the etiquette is pretty strict, and when you violate it, you either show that you are rude, or that you are just ignorant.

Like all etiquette, it's very rude to explain it, or to catch someone at it. So I thought that I would write a little bit here to help you from being evaluated as an idiot. Yes, we young people are polite enough to not criticize you, but, well then, how are you ever going to learn?

The reason that you would like to learn the proper etiquette is that the cell phone is a powerful, and expensive, tool. And used properly it can make your life better and easier. That's why so many people have them, and use them. Yes, I know that profiling is wrong, but when you do these things, I just put you on my mental *don't call - don't answer list*. I may try to email you, or more likely I will just say, *I've been so busy lately* if I happen to see you face-to-face.

Here is a short list of some of the things you should never do when using your cell phone

• Never leave a voice mail message. And especially don't leave a message that says, *hey, it's me, call me*. That's because the moment you dialed someone's number and they didn't answer, they got a message - from their phone - that you called. There is no reason to make them call their voice mail number, enter their pin code, listen to your message, and delete it. Sure, it only takes a few seconds, but so does waiting in traffic - it's annoying.

• Never answer the phone and say that you are too busy to talk. Your cell phone displays that it's me calling. I'm not your doctor wanting to talk to you about X-Rays, I just want to ask if you liked that movie you saw last night. If you can't talk, because you're eating, or whatever, let it go. Your cell phone will display that I called, and you can call me back, usually just by hitting one button, when you have time to talk.

Sure, you're old and cranky and this newfangled technology just makes you crankier. If you feel that way, don't use it. If you are going to use it, learn how to use it correctly.