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Saying goodbye to Google+

I am going to say goodbye to Google+, at least for a while now. As an early adaptor, I am always enthusiastic about new things. I like to call it intellectual curiosity, but maybe I'm just afraid of being left out. I had one of the earliest accounts on Google+, which were by invitation only. I watched the interface go through the changes that you expect from a beta release, and I gave regular (and hopefully useful) feedback to Google. It was interesting to see how people used the interface, and how the designers fiddled with it. It's all settled in now, and if you want to use it, I would say it works pretty darn good. You can post pictures of cute fuzzy animals, you can promote your business. You know, all of the stuff that Facebook already did.

But, like MySpace and Facebook, it ultimately gets down to the main things that people are interested in, which I call *monkey chatter*. And that part of it doesn't interest me at all. I'm sure that the posts for *furrylittleanimalsinpartyhats* will become very popular, but it's not for me.

I will keep my Google+ page, of course, and I will continue to log in and use it, but not on a daily basis anymore. As a web designer, I am a big believer of the importance of having a good presence on Google because of their search engine.

But I'm looking for the next thing now. Hope to see you there.