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Connecting Twitter and LinkedIn

Social media is like everything on the web, as soon as you know it, it changes. Personally, I don't know how anyone who runs a business has time to keep up with all of this stuff. The only reason that I do it is because it's part of my business to learn this, to know this, and to teach this. And if you've been Tweeting on Twitter and having it post automatically on LinkedIn, you know that it went away recently. But it's not all bad news.

For a long time now I've been saying that social media sites are only valuable if there is a quality audience. Large volumes of *monkey chatter* amounts to nothing, unless all you're measuring is the type of activity that is all about *LOL hehehe*. Yes, I am talking about Facebook here. Hopefully you have long since realized that Facebook is just sound and fury, signifying nothing. Post pictures of your cat, or your cousin's baby there, if you want to, but feel free to safely ignore it for business purposes. Unfortunately, the same thing has happened to Google+, so you can ignore that, too.

But you do want to continue to have a presence on Twitter and on LinkedIn. And this is how you do it now -

Start with LinkedIn and post there. Personally, I write a blog post and copy the URL to there, which is best if you have time. If not that, at least post something on LinkedIn occasionally. When you do post it on LinkedIn, be sure to check the box that has the logo of Twitter. It looks like this
It's really too bad that LinkedIn didn't take the trouble of writing *click this to automatically post on Twitter* but instead assumed that we all know what the icon of the little blue bird means. But, hey, I don't design this stuff, I just teach it. But it works. And the good news is that it will get your mindset off of worrying about *monkey chatter*. LinkedIn is a serious grown-up place for professionals. The tone is not *LOL hehehe*.

So post on LinkedIn and it automatically does a Tweet on Twitter. That's all you need.