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Do you need to update your website from tables to page divisions?

If the structure of your website is based on tables, not page divisions, you may be getting worried. But don't worry, your web pages are probably just fine. In fact, if your web pages use plain old HTML from the 90s, it's OK. You can relax.

Yes, creating page structure with page divisions (divs) is much cooler than using tables. Back in the early days of web design, forced page structure was created by using cells, rows and columns. This wasn't really what the original designers of HTML had in mind, but it worked to give the illusion of some structure. The reason that tables were included with HTML when it was first invented, was to make, well, tables. And while using tables today to create page structure is frowned upon, they still work. HTML has always supported tables and it always will.

There are a lot of reasons to create web pages with page divisions, not tables, and for me, the most important one is accessibility. For people with visual disabilities, pages made up of tables are a mess. Not only are they physically difficult to read and follow, they garble up the automatic readers that the blind and visually-impaired people use for the internet. So if your audience includes those type of people, by all means, get rid of the tables and get the correct page structure in place. If that is the case, you have two choices, either rebuild all of the pages using div tags, or just remove the tables. The design won't be as jazzy if you go with the second option, but at least people will be able to read it.

I hope that this helps.