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How to get followers to your business page on Google+

If you would like to attract a lot of followers to your business page on Google+, there are some things that you must and must not do. Here is what I have discovered -

• Describe clearly what your business page is about. For example, you could say, *pictures of cute puppies*. And be sure that the picture of the puppy used in the avatar displays properly at a small size.

• Stay on subject. If your page is all about pictures of cute puppies, only show pictures of cute puppies. If you do the, *hey, I know this is supposed to be a page about cute puppies...*, and instead show cute bunnies, people will feel cheated and will probably stop following your page.

• Don't sell anything. There is no bigger turn-off that a page that tries to sell something. No one wants to feel foolish when they find out that they have wandered onto a page with a *catch*.

• Give stuff away. Pictures of cute puppies, advice on using an Android phone, whatever. If you're tempted to charge for it, see the paragraph right before this one. Don't do that.

• Treat each post as a standalone. People who are following your business page will see it in their stream. Don't refer them to other posts you've written, and don't assume that they remember quite what your page is about. Take the time to write things out. Be specific. And, unlike Facebook, don't feel limited to one post a day. If people are following your business page because they like it, each post will brighten up their Google+ stream and their day. Do several.

Unfortunately, you will probably not get a lot of followers on your dry-cleaning business page. If you want to advertise dry-cleaning, Google+ and Facebook are not the places to be. Run ads in your local papers and fliers. And don't confuse getting a lot of followers in social media with getting customers to your business.