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Is it illegal for a company to make a sales call to your cell phone?

In spite of their drawbacks, one of the nicest things about cell phones was that it marked the end of *telemarketing*. Telemarketers used automatic dialing machines to call numbers at random in order to do a sales pitch.  It was pretty awful, and there really wasn't any way to get away from it. It was all operated by a system that could dial numbers automatically, and sometimes there was a live person talking to you, and sometimes it was just a recording. It has now become a thing of the past, like the door-to-door salesman, or the horse and buggy. And it makes people think that making a sales call to a cell phone is illegal. It's not.

Using an automatic dialing machine to call cell phone numbers is illegal. Making a sales call to a cell phone number is not illegal. The logic for this is simple - if the company that services my air-conditioning calls me to see how I liked their recent installation (and I did), would that be considered a sales call? And if sales calls were illegal, would they be breaking the law?

But before you grab the list of all of your clients cell phone numbers and start calling them to make a sales pitch, consider what people think. In addition to hating getting a seemingly random sales call on their cell phone, most people think it's illegal. And if you are doing something that is perceived as illegal, and certainly not very nice, you will damage the reputation of your company. Don't do it.

I hope that this helps.