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Why people aren't looking at your photos

It's human nature to want to have people look at your photos, whether they are of your kids, or your car, your latest architectural project, or, well, whatever. And the internet provides some wonderful ways to make it easy for people to enjoy these photos. But if people aren't looking at your photos, you may be making these mistakes.

Common mistakes that will keep people from looking at your photos

• Don't use PowerPoint. Ever. There is no reason to make a slideshow, set your photos to music, and require someone to launch another piece of software on their computer. If you send an attachment with a .pps file, expect that it will be ignored.

• Don't send multiple jpegs in an email. Send one. And it's a good idea to mention that you have sent an attachment, for people whose email programs make them do another click to see it. They may or may not, but at least you have informed them.

• Don't create *albums*. If you want people to see something, for example in Facebook, post each photo separately. If you go to the trouble of creating an *album*, all that most people will see will be the first photo, the rest remain completely hidden.

• Don't try to show photos on your camera. Passing around your camera, or cell phone, to people at a table at a restaurant just makes you look like an idiot. Don't do it.

Sorry to say that most of your photographic masterpieces will never be seen by anyone. But that shouldn't discourage you. Go ahead, take the photos, optimize them in Photoshop, write clever captions. Then upload them somewhere, like Flickr. Send people a link with an explanation, like *here are the photos of the 1963 Corvette I just restored*. I'd look at those photos. But don't expect everyone to.