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Cartoon dog in Adobe Illustrator

I've been using, and teaching, Adobe Illustrator for many years now and it is my absolute favorite software program. Most of my students have preferred Photoshop, and I have seem some downright angry faces on people who have *had* to take Adobe Illustrator for their degree. But the worst thing about Adobe Illustrator is that it isn't Adobe Photoshop. And since the interface looks the same on both programs, people can get confused, and, well, get angry.

So cheer up! This cartoon dog is an example of one of the best features of working in vectors - easy editing. The dog was originally part of a bigger drawing, but I wanted to show a sample of just the dog on my website. With Adobe Illustrator, you just click on the dog, copy, and paste into a new document.

There is no need to create separate layers, or to do any tedious selecting. Vectors are always this easy to edit. You say, *it can't be that easy?!* Yes, it can.

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Excuse me, I'm gonna go draw some more cartoons now!
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