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Deciding who to friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Facebook is a place for friends. It has a casual atmosphere. I like to think of it as a party that I am attending at the house of a friend. I never have been much of a party-goer, but I understand it's about small-talk, relaxing, that sort of thing.

My Facebook page is public, just like I am public at a party, or walking into Walmart. I have a pretty ordinary life, with a few good friends, so it's not all that thrilling. Sorry. My Facebook friends are, of course, close friends, but they also include people who have the same obscure interests as mine, such as cycads, or the art of Jack Kirby. I really don't spend much time on Facebook, just as I never really spent much time at parties, doing small talk. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but only in small doses. And so, if you recognize me as a teacher that you used to have, or someone you worked with in the 80s, I will probably not accept your friend request in Facebook. But that doesn't mean that I am not interested in you!

I direct former students, colleagues, etc to LinkedIn. I think of LinkedIn as more of a professional get-together, the type I've been going to all of my life. There may be snacks, or even a glass of wine, but it's not a personal party, where there may be people in the corner making out. Well, hopefully not. And like any professional party, everyone is invited, and they tend to behave themselves. So, yes, I will gladly accept your invitation to be a connection of mine on LinkedIn. Even if you don't know me, chances are you found my profile because of your interest in Graphic Design, or cartoons.

Where the elite meet is Google+. If you're really cool, I will see you there. But then we probably know each other already.