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Writing for Google keywords

Keyword is the term used by Google to describe the exact word that will show up when someone is searching for your website. In the early days they were hidden in the code in something called *metadata*, and the Google index *robots* would read that hidden information and index by that. So many good websites that had failed to write metadata were passed over and unscrupulous websites that hid the words *civil war*, for example, led to pornography sites.

All of that invisible keywords stuff has been over for a long time. The Google *bots* have learned to read web pages. They see the same thing that we see. So, if your web page is about growing flowers, Google will index those words, in addition to whatever else you put on the page, such as petunias, daffodils, etc. So keywords are still important, and you need to write them right there on the page.

How to write keywords to be indexed by Google

And this is where is gets tricky. You have to think in terms of what people will type in the search box. If your web page just has the word narcissus, or jonquils, it will not index to daffodils. And that's why you are seeing some stilted language on websites and blogs as people try to put a whole string of synonyms together. But done correctly, it can make a web page read in a much more human way. I have long been an advocate of writing as if you are talking to someone. Use complete sentences. Use paragraphs. If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn't talk to me in *bullet points*, like a PowerPoint presentation. Well, hopefully not. And in the normal course of conversation, you might refer to flowers, narcissus, jonquils, and daffodils. You might even mention your garden. See? I just put in another keyword.

So use the techniques that Graphic Designers have been using for years. Use headings. Write as if you are speaking to someone. Get to the point. And use terms that people are familiar with, like daffodils. And when in doubt, hire a writer. This will get you on the first pages of Google better than any *SEO trick* that someone is trying to sell to you.

I hope that this helps.