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Blocking offensive comments on YouTube

One of the worst things about watching a YouTube video is the offensive comments posted below it. I don't know why YouTube attracts the most offensive comments, but it does. Many times it has nothing to do with the video, it's just some people insulting each other, usually with racial or sexual innuendo. I have no interest in seeing this at all, even a bit, so there is a trick that you can use to hide them. It's called Safety Mode and it's at the bottom of any YouTube page. You set it to "On", and from that point on comments are hidden, and YouTube uses its algorithm to block videos that contain offensive or adult content. The algorithm is about the same as what your email program uses to block spam, it's not perfect, but it does a pretty good job.

This is how to choose Safety Mode in YouTube

Scroll to the bottom of the page of any YouTube video and select On for Safety Mode. There is no need to lock it. It will stay that way until you turn it off.

And that's it. If you do ever want to read the comments, you can click "Show Hidden Comments" without leaving safety mode. If you want to watch a video that YouTube has blocked under safety mode, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, turn Safety Mode off, and go get that video again.

Algorithms like this are not perfect, and some perfectly innocent content may get blocked, such as Laurel and Hardy's short called "Tit for Tat". And there is no button that you can push on your computer that says, "block stupid racist comments". I wish there was. But being able to block the comments on YouTube is a good start.