This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

Is Graffiti art? Is Graphic Design art?

Graphic Design and Graffiti both fall into a category that I call "unwanted art". The skill, dedication, and talent of Graffiti artists and Graphic Designers is undeniable, but the question is whether people want it.

When I first started doing Graphic Design, I called it "Advertising Art". Graphic Design is indeed used in advertising, in every ad you see, in every billboard you drive by, in every package you use, in, well, everything that is being sold to you. Graphic Designers create the look of your video games, they design the packages for your movies, they even design the look of your movies. There is so much Graphic Design around, that when people ask where to go see it, I ask, where do you go away to get away from it?

But many people don't like Graphic Design. They prefer their landscapes uncluttered with billboards. To them, there is no beauty to be found there, it's just stuff that jars on their eyes and tries to sell them stuff. And so asking people who are not familiar with Graphic Design to be impressed by beautiful Graphic Design is like asking people who are not familiar with Graffiti to be impressed by beautiful Graffiti.

If you understand it, you can see it. But don't expect most people to.