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What to do if you can't afford marketing

There are two costs to marketing, money and time. Even marketing which is free, like posting to Linkedin, or writing a blog, takes time. Marketing in the form of paid advertising costs money, real money. And if you have neither the time or the money to spend on marketing, your best "marketing" is to get the job done.

Every job you do promotes you. When you do good work, people talk about it. Amazingly, there are a lot of people, and companies, who "flake out" professionally. That, unfortunately, is common. But you can compete successfully against them simply by promising a lot, and delivering even more! And that means everything relating to the job - every detail - returning phone calls, emails, and just plain seeing the job through. And since there are only so many hours in the day, those hours that you do have need to be devoted to doing a good job.

And if your time-and-money budget is tight, then give your clients everything. In return, they will give you the best advertising there is - word-of-mouth.