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How to get customers to respond to your advertising

There are a lot of ways to get advertising in front of people. You can send out spam email, you can do "popup" ads, you can do "guerrilla marketing" by putting posters up all over the place and replacing them as fast as they are taken down. These types of techniques are not new, and they are just as ineffective in getting customers to respond as they have always been. In fact, if you would like to paste a big label on your product or service that says "scam" in flashing lights, feel free to try these techniques. I wish you wouldn't, but I can't stop you.

Sorry to say, advertising isn't for amateurs. It's a place for us pros. I'm a professional graphic designer, and I am part of the marketing mix. It's also composed of writers, people who analyze demographics, and a whole bunch of other specialties. No, it's not easy, and no, it's not cheap.

To get customers to respond to your advertising you have to engage them on a positive level. If you don't believe that can happen, you are only noticing advertising that causes people to turn away. There's a whole industry of people, like me, out there who supply informative, meaningful, and beautifully-designed advertising to customers every day. We are well-paid because what we do works.

One of my students many years ago said that "Good Graphic Design is invisible, and only the message remains." And if you can't see good Graphic Design, or good advertising, that is why. We don't want you to try to swat us away like flies, or frame our work in a museum, we want you to know about a particular product or service.