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How to present yourself on the internet

If you're wondering how you should present yourself on the internet, rest assured that you already know. The internet is a public place, just like where you work, where you shop, the community where you live. You already know what to do in public, and the internet is the same place. This is what you should do:

• Show your face. You don't go to work, or the store, with a mask on, so there is no reason to do it on the internet. There is no need to be afraid that someone might recognize you, unless you're in the witness protection program. Get a nice picture taken. Smile. Present the same face that you take to church, or to school. It's a good face. It's the way God made you. We want to see it.

• Show your name. Again, if you're not in the witness protection program, there is no danger in showing your name. If you think that people can steal your identity by knowing your name, well, you need to step away from that paranoia. Kind'a creeps people out.

• Keep your private things private. There is no need to go shouting out your PIN numbers, or bank account numbers, or any of that stuff. You don't wander into Safeway and start shouting out your social security number, so just use the same common sense. The bad guys can use this stuff, but you already knew that.

• Introduce yourself. You may be more interesting than you think. Write a short biography about yourself on a Google profile, or on Linkedin. Chances are your hobbies include gardening, or that you like dachshunds, like I do. Say good things about yourself. Stress the positive - there is a lot!

Cyberspace is the real world, and it's part of many people's lives. It can be a comfortable place to be. See you there!