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Why you should use Google+ for your business

The point of using Google+, or Google Blogger, or anything else related to Google, is to enhance the position of your business in a Google search.

The fact of the matter is that most people who search for something use Google. In fact, "Googling" something has become a part of the language. Sorry, Yahoo, or Bing, or the other search engines that people don't use much. And if you are a business, and you want to people to find you, you need to have the best position that you can get during a Google search.

But this seems like such an abstract concept that a lot of businesses fail to understand it. Getting a lot of "LOLs, HeHeHe's" and "Likes" on Facebook does very little for your Google rating. Why should it? Facebook and Google are competitors. Yes, the Google search engine algorithm includes stuff from non-Google sources, but anything that Google owns gets preferential treatment. Make sense?

So, post on Google+, write using Google Blogger, do anything you can to get involved with the Google world. They own the search engine business, and that's where your business needs to be.

OK, let's review -

• To enhance your company's standing in Google searches, use Google stuff.

• To get a lot of "LOLs, HeHeHe's" and "Likes", use something from their competitor.

I hope that this helps.