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Avoiding weasel words

No one likes being lied to. And, unfortunately, if you  use "weasel words" or phrases, you will sound like you are lying even if you are telling the truth. It's an easy mistake to make, especially if you are a normally humble and self-effacing person.

I first discovered the term "weasel words" when learning about editing Wikipedia. And once I saw it, I started to see it everywhere. Put simply, it just means that you are using words that are so vague that you could be lying, although you may not be. Please let me give you an example:

If you say, "Many people think that I am a good worker", it leaves it wide open. Who? Your mother and your nephew? You may not be intentionally obscuring the truth here, but you could be. So this is no time to try to be humble. See what I mean here?

Here is another one: "It is widely thought that..." What? By whom? And exactly how wide is that circle?

Like I say, once you start using weasel words you can see how it can damage your credibility. So I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not intentionally trying to lie, obfuscate, and befuddle. And the solution is to just be simple. Throw away all of the stuff that blurs your statements and just say stuff like, "I was employee of the month for April and May of 2012 at Denny's".

Yeah, it'll sound a little like bragging, but at least it won't sound like lying.