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Dealing with the new iTunes, December 2012

Like most people, when I go back to a site, or some software that I have been using for a long time, only to find it all rearranged, I groan. But I am a pro, and a teacher, so I settle down to relearn it. I even watched the New iTunes video (don't bother, by the way, it's just a sales pitch).

If you're feeling bad about trying to find your way around the "new and improved" iTunes, don't. It's awful. It's what I call an interface "knuckle buster". I wish I could give some encouragement, but, unfortunately, they have just moved everything around and the best you can do is read all the signs, look around, and click a lot. The bad news for Apple is that this type of thing frustrates regular users who are just using something because they are familiar with it. The good news for their competitors, and for us as consumers, is that it opens up the very real possibility of some good competition for iTunes, which can only lead to lower prices for us in the long run. Their interface has been so good, and worked so well, that it has created almost a monopoly on this type of digital purchase.

The new iTunes is not difficult, it's just different. It's as if your favorite grocery store decided to move it's building elsewhere, move around the streets that you take to get there, and rename everything. You can figure it out, it's just wildly annoying.

This type of mistake is exactly what competitors dream of!