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Embracing technology

No one wants to feel foolish around new technology. The first time an expert horse rider was confronted with a "horseless carriage", I imagine that they disliked it. Even though, in the long run, technology makes life better, in the short run, it can be pretty annoying. So if you "hate technology", you probably just hate feeling foolish around it, which makes perfect sense.

Technology for technology's sake has never interested me. I am not a "computer guy", but when I figured out how cool this technology was, I embraced it. I am not a "car guy", but when I found how much easier it was to go up a hill than on my bike, I embraced it.

And that's the key. Don't be afraid to ask, "what good is it?" And if some smart-alec quotes, "well, what goes is a baby?" ask them "what?" If they can say, "well, it will grow into an adult, who may become President of the United States", thank them, for they have answered your question. If they can't answer your question, walk away.

If you're confronted by a new technology, such as ereaders, take the time to evaluate if it's right for you. If not, pass it by. If it is, embrace it. It's that simple.

By the way, that's a vintage 2005 "Palm Pilot" in the picture up there. I used one for many years to keep track of my appointments. One day I was confronted by a lady in a dentist's waiting room who informed me that "in her day, people didn't need to do this, they just remembered appointments!" I asked, "before the invention of writing?" Nah, just kidding, I don't say stuff like that, but I think it!