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How to figure out if something is worth selling on ebay

You can sell just about anything on ebay. And ebay will make money, Paypal will make money, the Post Office will make money. But you may not. So it's a good idea to figure out whether something is worth selling on ebay.

The best place to start is with shipping. Personally, I always use Priority Mail, which allows me to purchase postage through my computer and is picked up by my mail carrier. It costs a few dollars more than sending it Parcel Post, or Media Rate, or First Class, but my time is worth more than a few dollars, and I have no interest in standing in line at the post office, or even going there.

The first thing then to look at is whether someone will pay the shipping costs related to your item. A Priority Mail envelope or small box is $5.15. So even if you sell an item for a dollar on ebay, your potential buyer is adding it up to over six bucks. So that's where you start. If the item isn't worth the price of shipping, it's a garage sale thing, or a donation to Goodwill.

The very best things to sell on ebay are those things with high value that are inexpensive to ship. Shipping can get wildly expensive for large, heavy, or bulky items, so look into it before you do an ebay posting. If you calculate $50 for shipping, and it costs you $100, then chances are very good that you will lose money. And it's up to you to research the cost.

Do your homework. And just because you see an ebay listing with your item with a "buy it now" for some wild amount, don't believe it. And if you see your item for $1.99 with free shipping, chances are you will not want to list it.

Ebay is a gamble. And it's a fun gamble. In order not to actually lose money, be sure to at least cover your shipping costs. But never, ever "pad" it - that makes you look like a cheat! People know how much stuff costs to ship. So, cut it close but it get it right. You may lose a few bucks the first few sales you do, but don't worry about it. As you build your knowledge, and your reputation, you will build your sales. Start small.

Now go find something cool to sell on ebay! Good luck!