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How to get radio back on iTunes just in time for Christmas

Christmas is the only time that I listen to the radio through iTunes. Yeah, I admit, I like Christmas music. But after the update to iTunes this morning (December 5th, 2012), the option for radio had disappeared. I checked their help menu, which although it didn't help, gave me a clue. The button for radio is supposed to be along the top now, between "playlists" and "match". I puzzled about this for a while, and then I had a vague memory of this happening before. And eureka! I found it! It's in Preferences. This is what you do, go to Preferences, and under General, click the box that says "radio" That will make the button appear where it's supposed to.

I guess that every time iTunes does a major overhaul of its software, they want you to pay strict attention, so they turn off the radio. Harsh, but true. Now that I've turned it on, I'm going to listen to some Christmas music. Merry Christmas!