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How to make a web page without embarrassing errors

Graphic Design is a very exacting science, and art. If you're about to create a web page, then all I can say is "welcome to my world". I've been a professional Graphic Designer since I was 19, and it is not for the "close enough for government work" type of person. In fact, someone once said to me that if you are 99% accurate, which would be pretty impressive for most jobs, as a Graphic Designer it would be 1 out of every 100 words would be misspelled.

So, the best way to produce a web page without embarrassing errors such as misspelled words, bad links, etc. is to have it proof-read by as many people as possible. And this is where it gets tricky, and where you have to understand human nature.

Whatever you do, don't ask for help in a public place like Facebook. People are reluctant to criticize, which is after all what you are looking for. Most of the comments on Facebook are "great!" "Perfect!" "Love it" even if it is a mass of misspelled words and missing images.

You will also find that your best friends may be reluctant to criticize based on your typical reactions. If someone finds a misspelled word, it is the time to thank them for taking the time to read your page and point it out, not the time to remind them that back in Elizabethan England, that's how that word was commonly spelled.

Always have a "contact webmaster" at the bottom of your page. Web designers like me can often be Good Samaritans, and will point out something that you missed. My usual message is something like "hi guys, did you know that the link to dachshund doggy treats is 404?" I've often got appreciate thank yous.

If you want an excellent web page, seek out criticism, use it, and appreciate it. Otherwise you can rest assured that your misspellled words will continue to make you look like an idiot.