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Why you shouldn't get a Macintosh computer

If you've been pondering buying a Macintosh computer, I want you to stop right there. You probably shouldn't get a Mac. And I'm not being sarcastic here, implying that you aren't cool, or hep, enough for one. It has to do with what you use a computer for. Please let me explain.

I'm a professional Graphic Designer. I've worked on Macs since the invention of "desktop publishing" in the 90s. And in my world, things just work better on a Mac. It's a professional tool. It works best with Adobe software, it handles fonts well.

And if you're thinking, "who cares?", well, that's just my point. Spending a bunch of money on a Macintosh computer, if you really have no need for its functionality, is as ridiculous as buying a car with a ridiculously-oversized engine. If you can afford to do it just for image, by all means, do so. But you really don't need it. Go to Walmart and get a PC for a fraction of the price of a Mac. It will do everything you need.

And here's a good test - do you know the difference between Helvetica and Arial? Can you see the difference between Helvetica and Arial? Do you care about the difference between Helvetica and Arial? No? Go get that PC.

I hope this helps.