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How to download public domain movies to iTunes 2013

Even though iTunes made a lot of strange changes in December of 2012, you can still watch public domain movies. Public domain means that the copyright for a movie has expired. Personally, I love the old movies, even the silent ones, and yes, you can still save them into iTunes. Here is how:

• You will need to find a public domain movie site. Here is one that I like Keep in mind that most public domain movies are going to be from the 1940s and earlier. Some are newer, but usually only if they are really, really bad. But it costs nothing to look at them, except your time. I've downloaded a few stinkers, but you just throw them away.

• Look for a "download mp4". If the site doesn't have that, find another site. Many sites just stream old movies, but don't allow you to download them.

Once you've downloaded the movie onto your computer (it doesn't matter where, as long as you can find it), open iTunes. This is where it gets a little bit tricky, but it's worth it.

Go to file - Add to Library. Browse around until you find the movie you just downloaded and click OK. It will take a few seconds and you can see the progress along the top of iTunes. What iTunes is doing is making the mp4 compatible with iTunes and copying that version into the appropriate folder. What this means is that after it's safely in iTunes, you can throw the downloaded version away.

iTunes will consider all videos to be movies, so look for it there. If you have an video iPod, you can sync it to that and then go play it on your TV. I like to watch these in my workout room. They give me a little entertainment, are not difficult to follow, and cost nothing but a little time.

And may I recommend the genius of Buster Keaton?

Oh yeah, and here is another good source of downloadable public domain movies