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How to get people to look twice at your Google+ posts

When you post on Google+, you will have two audiences. The first audience is your followers, who will see the post in their stream. The second audience will be people who will be doing a Google search. And, since Google indexes your posts, just like it indexes everything else on the web, if you want people to find your posts in the future, you need to use keywords.

There is nothing tricky about keywords. You don't need a special character or anything like that. You just need to use the words that people will use when they search. For example, your post might say, "I have a cute dachshund". Your followers will see it immediately, and possibly give you a +, whether you use the word dachshund or not. When it indexes, anyone in the future who searches for dachshund will find your post.

I've seen this happen on my Historical Phoenix Images page on Google +. Most of the time, plusses and comments happen right after I post something. But many times someone will comment on an old post and I know that they have done a search, possibly for their high school or something.

So, write a description using keywords. Google+ is an intelligent community, full of interesting posts written by thoughtful people. If you are posting about something you care about, for example, dachshunds, use the word "dachshund" in your post so people can find it. Writing something like "my silly little friend" won't help people find your post about dachshunds.

People will look twice.