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How to get people to read your blog

If you have checked your analyitcs for your blog, and have found that no one is reading it, that is, no one is visiting it, there are a few tricks you can use.

First of all, realize that "followers" means absolutely nothing. Those are just your friends who clicked "follow" when you first started blogging, and then never returned. They like you, but not enough to go read your blog. The fact of the matter is that people rarely follow blogs, instead, they read them when they contain information that interests them. And they find that on Google.

So here is how you get people to read your blog -

• Write about something that people are interested in. If your blog is just a rambling mess of rants, don't expect people to search "rambling mess of rants" in Google. However, if you write about dachshunds, people who like dachshunds will search for dachshunds on Google and will read your blog. About dachshunds.

• Put keywords in the title. No, you don't need to mess with "tags" or "metadata" or any of that stuff that went away from the web years ago. Just write the word dachshunds in the title of your blog, and your blog post. For example, your blog could be "Training dachshunds" and an individual post could be "Training dachshunds not to pee in the house". Seriously. Think about how people will search for information in Google. Think about how you do it. Use ordinary words that will show up in the Google Search Engine.

• Write your blog on Google Blogger. Yes, Google favors its own products when indexing. Sorry, but until people start saying, "I need to Bing that", Google is the search tool of choice. And Google will index WordPress, but reluctantly.

I've written blogs for years. I never check the number of followers, but I do check to see which posts are being read. Sometimes I get hundreds of visits, sometimes zero. These people are not following me, they are searching for what interests them. On Google.