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The difference between Facebook "likes" and Google "plusses"

The idea of letting you give your approval of something was invented by Facebook. It's called a "like". It's a wonderful idea, and very convenient. I use it a lot on Facebook. If you post a photo of your kids, I will do a "like". And I really mean it. When I post a photo of my dog, I really enjoying seeing the "likes" from my friends. It feels great. But on Facebook, as opposed to Google, it ends there.

Google's version of "like" is "+". At its heart its the same thing. If someone posts something on Google+, or if they have a + on their website or blog, you can click + the same way that you click "like" on Facebook. And if you like something I post, and you click +, it makes me feel good. Thank you!

But a Google "+" does something that a Facebook "like" can never do, it catches the attention of the Google bots. The bots are the robots that search the web constantly evaluating whether something should be indexed in Google, and how highly it should be indexed.

Now don't get me wrong, getting a lot of your friends to "+" your stuff won't automatically get you on page one of a Google search. The bots take into account many different factors, and Google refines those factors all of the time. But, like having your blog on Google, and just generally using Google products, you give yourself a little edge. This is not a conspiracy, man, this is just Google, which is the leading search engine, giving preference to its products.

Getting a Google + is much more difficult than getting a "like" in Facebook. And Google takes that into consideration. Facebook "likes" tend to be about photos of kids and dogs, Google plusses tend to be about content that people find useful. And there is a place for both on the web.