This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

What cartoon illustration is

The word "cartoon" means a lot of different things to different people. For some, a cartoon is a drawing with a funny caption below it, like in the newspaper. Or it could be something you watch, created by Pixar, or Disney. Or, if you are old enough, it was something you watched on Saturday mornings.

But a cartoon is just a simple illustration. My specialty is cartoon illustration. I don't do animation, nor do I write funny captions. My cartoons have been used for animation, and have had funny captions written for them, but that is done by an animator, and a gag writer. The cartoonist just draws.

If you're wondering why someone would pay me to draw a cartoon for them when there is so much free artwork out there, well, I wondered that, too. Here is what I found out.

• Even though there's always been a lot of free "clip art" (even before the internet), it's never quite right. Maybe it's the style of drawing, maybe it's the look of the people's faces. Maybe it's the wrong dog. I do custom illustration. My clients get exactly what they want. If they want a dachshund, they get a dachshund.

• Copyright issues. Sure, you can download something off of the internet, but if you're not careful, someone may write you a "cease and desist" order for that cartoon illustration on that sign that you just spent thousands of dollars on. My clients know that this won't happen.

• Looking good. Nothing cheapens the image of your business like using obvious "clip art". Sorry, but it's a dead giveaway.

So you can use my cartoons any way that you like. Cartoons are great eye-catchers for advertising. Cartoons give visual interest to a book, or a blog. They are meant to bring a smile.