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Why putting your files on your desktop can cost you your job

There's an old joke about the secretary who filed everything under "A" - a letter, a memo, etc. And the modern equivalent of that type of incompetence is putting your files on your desktop. If you do that, you can rest assured that there will be a line drawn through your name for "hire" or "promote".

There is nothing wrong with putting all of your files on your desktop, if you like it. But in a fast-paced business world, there really is no time for you to you to go searching for stuff. I've done a lot of training sessions, and I wait patiently for someone to look through their desktop to find a file to work on. They also, by the way, go through their emails at a snail's pace, and ultimately find themselves unable to do work in a timely way. They often loudly complain about "being busy", or more usually, "slammed".

I've made my living on a computer, doing graphics, all of my adult life. I can get to any file on my computer in a few seconds. There are thousand and thousands of them. My desktop has a picture of my dog on it.

If you don't have time to make folders and name them, I can understand. I will just smile gently and walk away. But personally, I don't have time to search through all of my files. I charge by the hour, and rest assured that I am fast. While the competition is searching for a file, I've already updated a website.