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Cartoons of kids

I did a few simple cartoons yesterday for a good client of mine. I really have no idea what they will used for, but it was a lot of fun drawing the cartoons. The process that I use now is to do a pencil sketch, attach it in an email, call my client to tell them I sent it, discuss it, make necessary changes, wait for final approval, and then do the final artwork.

The final artwork is done with a Wacom tablet in Adobe Illustrator. Using the brush tool along with a small amount of pressure-sensitive variation, makes a nice cartoony line. I save the original .ai file, which can be scaled to any size, and send my client a jpeg.

By the way, like all of my cartoons, you are free to use any of these copyright-free. It would be nice if you would give me credit, but it's not absolutely necessary.