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How to ftp

If you're a Graphic Designer, you are at some point going to be asked to ftp a file. This is just another name for "uploading" (ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol, in case anyone asks, and they probably won't).

The best way to upload a file is with Adobe Dreamweaver. If you're a regular user of Dreamweaver, however, you may be a bit rusty on how to set up a new site, which is just what you are going to do. The new site will have the ftp information that your client gave you, an address, a username, and a password. Set it up as a new site and upload normally.

If you're a Graphic Designer who is not familiar with Dreamweaver, I would recommend against trying to ftp. There are lots of ways to do it, each more complex than the next, and usually advocated by one of those seriously tech-geeky people who subscribe to "PC Weekly".

If you have resisted using Dreamweaver up to this point, consider that if you had it, and knew how to use it, you could ftp that file in a matter of seconds to your client on the other side of town, or the other side of the world.